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Why Enlist Here (PRO-ADMIN)

The HYIP bulletin has 700+ Active Subscribers registered in just a matter of two months time and is continually growing an unbelievable pace

The HYIP Bulletin website receives an average of 1400-2000 UNIQUE TRAFFICS per day (check out the traffic counter)
Programs enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin are actively promoted to its subscribers and new members bi-weekly for the entire program's lifetime

It is simply the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE enlisting in the industry today!




Before I tell you everything about of the Enlisting Services Package of The HYIP Bulletin, let me tell you a very interesting short story which is also related to the package. I want you to visualize and put yourself into the shoe of the program admin in this story.

 This is a Story about How the HYIP Bulletin's Enlisting Services Package Helped in the Launching of Your HYIP Program


On the other side of the world, thousands of miles away from where you are now, there is an investor named Kyle who recently joined the HYIP industry.

A couple of days ago, he was hearing so much about this very famous 3-month old short term program called “PX.”

Kyle barely knows anything about the HYIP industry but he has already reached the limit of his curiosity about “PX.” To satisfy his hunger for knowledge he opened up Google and did his research. As soon as the search is over, a total of more than 100,000 websites were shown, and all of which is connect to “PX.” Overwhelmed, Kyle got discouraged and decided not to continue reading and instead just planned walk away.

 Just when Kyle was about to close the browser, he had a glimpse of the first few lines of the top most website from the results. “The HYIP Bulletin Listing: PV Full Review” are the exactly words coming out of Kyle’s mouth as he softly read it out. He then hurriedly opened up the link and read some more.

 Now at this point, you might be telling asking yourself this question. Why would I care about Kyle’s story of finding “PX” when I was supposed to be very busy with the newly launched “XY?” After all, I just enlisted it a couple of minutes ago in The HYIP Bulletin. At this point I should be very busy in making sure the launching of my program is perfect and fruitful.

While you were reading about the latest rankings, news and updates of the HYIP industry from a website that has recently been gaining so much attention, you suddenly realized that you need to do a quick check up of your program’s status.

Right after your back office page has finished refreshing… BAM!!! You cannot believe what your eyes are currently seeing. You slowly read one word after another, and you realized it says you have a total of 42 active accounts! You quickly checked how much time has lapsed while you were so preoccupied with reading the story a while ago and then you found out that only 10 minutes have passed! You now realized that Kyle is just one of those people who saw your enlisting and signed up on your program within the past 10 minutes!

After knowing this, you were so delighted that you were actually jumping high and low from joy for your programs quick break through. Suddenly… BANG!

A sudden stinging sensation is slowly emerging from your right upper temple until the reality flashes in front of you! You were awaked by your aching head because you bumped it after falling off from your chair! Then you laughed out loud because you realize that you were just dreaming and the excitement from your dream caused you to fell out from you chair.

You had a quick flashed back and you finally remembered everything. You were so tired last night and all the accumulated stress and fatigue from the past few days forcedly shut your body off while you are still sitting in front of your computer.

After about 3 minutes have passed, you decided to make a cup of coffee for yourself and get you going again for the day. While waiting for your very hot coffee to cool down, you opened up your web browser and waited for the page to load. The first few words appeared saying “The HYIP Bulletin.” And then some lines start to take its form and become readable. As you read through the words, your eyes began to open up and your jaw slowly and uncontrollable dropped.

After reading those words, you hurriedly logged in to your program’s back office and saw them! You have multiple digits on your program’s active account status bar.

Almost unconsciously, you caught yourself back to reality as you were jumping high and low. Then everything made sense. LAST NIGHTWAS NOT A DREAM AFTER ALL! WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW WERE THE EXACT SAME THINGS YOU CAN ONLY REMEMBER BEFORE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS FADED OFF.

As you sat down, you just cannot help but make certain that you read everything right. A total of 100,000+ active accounts are reflected on your back office screen as soon as you read through it again.

As you minimized your back office window, another screen greets you saying…





Make sure to contact

The HYIP Bulletin

For instructions on how to claim




With contentment, your consciousness started fading away after you decided that to recover from all the stress and fatigue you have put up in the past few days…





Simply put, it is the best and most affordable enlisting service included with lots of good stuff in the industry today. Do not be bothered by the actual prizes of each item because you will not be paying that much! In fact, you will be surprised AGAIN how affordable it is.


    • 150x150 Promotional Banner in the advertisement box for 1 week
    • Objective and Unbiased Full Program Review published on Bulletin Exclusives Section (review sample) and sent to The HYIP Bulletin Subscribers
    • Broadcasting of the program's enlisting, and future newsletters and updates to the Subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin
    • Inclusion of your program in My Personal List Section wherein all new recently enlisted programs are placed on top of others. This allows the program to be exposed first to the investors, thereby increasing its rate of sign ups
    • Optional Interview with the Program Admin to published both on Bulletin Exclusives Section and to theSubscribers of The HYIP Bulletin



Increased Chances to Win

$500 Every Month

As The Top Most Favorite

HYIP of the Month



    • Increased chances to win $500 Every Month which is given to the Top Most Favorite HYIP of the Month
    • Top 20 Favorite HYIPs get to be listed for FREE in the Top Ranked HYIPs Setion. And because members enjoy being part of a RANKED PROGRAM, this is the BEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE FREEADVERTISING of your program.



Edge Over Other Enlisting Services

The HYIP Bulletin is a combination of two websites configured with advanced search engine optimization feature.

This insures all information contained in The HYIP Bulletin database to be readily available for search engines to find. Thus, all searches of subject matters contained in The HYIP Bulletin is GUARANTEED ON THE FIRST10 SPOTS Google and other search engine results. (worth $300 per site)




First 10 Results of

Google and Other

Search Engines



 All Published Materials of The HYIP Bulletin are submitted to all search enginesautomatically. This unique submission feature ensures complete and accurate crawling of all the data files from the site to make it readily available for all search engines. These processes take only a few of minutes to be completed.



 Please Try Google These Items

Buldgeinvest Review - Rank 1 of Google result
Dividend City Review - Rank 1 of Google result
Pexpay Interview - Rank 1 of Google result
Majestic Profits Interviews - Rank 1 of Google result
Hyip Strategies - Rank 3 of Google result
Caspial Capital Review - Rank 5 of Google result
HYIP Tips - Rank 8 & 9 of Google result



Investors Looking

For Reviews

News and Updates 

Are Directed Here First




How Much Is the Enlisting Package?


Believe it or not

$50 ONLY!






If you are still in doubt, check "Why Follow the Bulletin Section" for other details as to how we stand out from others in providing EXCELLENT SERVICE AND LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES to all the HYIP investors and HYIP admin.


Here is the direct link:


Contact for inquiries and more details